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October 2021

Ventriloquial body - thought-transference and organ's speech

Journal/Book: Psyche Z Psychoanal Anwend. 1999; 53: Rotebuhlstrasse 77, D-7004 9 Stuttgart 1, Germany. Klett-Cotta Verlag. 494-504.

Abstract: Attentively reading Ferenczi's works and his scientific and ''auto-analytic'' correspondence with Sigmund Freud, the Author insists on the important contribution of the Hungarian psychoanalyst concerning the contemporary matter of the complex relations between biology and psychoanalysis: Ferenczi considered in fact that the unconscious was an occult phenomenon allowing an intersubjective thought-transference and was desperately searching for the material evidence of traumatic scenes and life events, reducing the psychical reality to a body-writing. Freud was contrarily and prudently convinced that the unconscious processes were dependant of the materiality of the registrar of the signifier surely constitued by corporal traces, but that had to be understood in his relations more with language and speech phenomenons than fallacious sensation's reality.

Note: Article Gori R, 101 Rue Sylvabelle, F-13006 Marseille, FRANCE

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