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October 2021

The Music which Underpins Pivotal Moments in Guided Imagery and Music

Author(s): Wigram, Tony, Backer, Jos de

Journal/Book: Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Psychiatry. 1999; London. Jessica Kingsley. 197-210.

Abstract: An edited version of the paper given af the 4th Europena MT Conference in Leuwen (Belgium) = Erdonmez Grocke (1998). The first part of the paper is an introduction to GIM; its history, the session, imagery, types of experiences,training, theoretical framework, and the music programs. The second part is a study of pivotal moments in GIM: using a phenomenological method of inquiry with seven GIM clients the interviews are analysed with focus on pivotal experiences. The music underpinning theses experiences is identified and analysed. The music is strong, structured music from the central European tradition, in a musical form which supports the client and provides a safe contaioner for the experience.

Keyword(s): Guided Imagery and Music. Imagery. Music analysis

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