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October 2021

Unilateral hearing loss in children: An update for the 1990s

Author(s): Church, G.

Journal/Book: Lang Speech Hearing Serv Sch. 1999; 30: 10801 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852-3279, USA. Amer Speech-Language-Hearing Assoc. 26-31.

Abstract: In the 1980s, two studies found that children with unilateral hearing impairment were 10 times more likely to repeat a grade compared to the general school-age population. Since the publication of those reports, grade retention has been found to be an ineffective strategy for achieving long-term academic success, and is no longer widely recommended. This survey describes how children with unilateral hearing loss are presently supported given this change in educational practices. Reports on 406 children indicated that 54% received individualized special education services; in addition to some level of audiologic support, and that 24% were functioning below average relative to their peers. Other information regarding demographics, use of amplification, and additional educational concerns are also reported.

Note: Article English K, Duquesne Univ, Dept Speech Language Pathol, 403 Fisher Hall, Pittsburgh,PA 15282 USA

Keyword(s): unilateral; children; special education; educational audiology; STUDENTS; SCHOOL

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