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October 2021

The exceptional talent of seriously multiple disabled girl

Journal/Book: Cesk Psychol. 1999; 43: Publ House Czech Acad Sci Vodickova 40, Prague 1, Czech Republic 112 29. Academia. 358-368.

Abstract: The casuistic study of hard motion, auditory, and speech handicapped twenty years old girl with an exceptional talent for visual arts proves by evidence the following: I. The handicap and the giftedness are independent phenomena, the unusual endowment can be developed even in a hard handicapped individual. 2. The key role in the exceptional giftedness of child's thinking is played by his/her communication with the outer world. This communication can also have a different than the verbal form. The expert's task is represented by searching for the exploitable communication channels what enables him to realize the diagnostics and the intervention. 3. Except of the compensation of the handicap, the intervention should concentrate on the stimulation of positive features of client's personality. 4. The aim of the intervention cannot be defined as the adaptation of the handicapped individual to the ''norm'' of the majority population but as helping him/her to fulfill the quality of his/her life.

Note: Article Dockal V, Vyskumny Ustav Detskej Psychol & Patopsychol, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Keyword(s): handicap; giftedness; social integration; talent for visual arts; quality of life

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