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October 2021

Comparison of remedial and compensatory interventions for adults with acquired brain injuries

Author(s): Hinojosa, J., Carnevale, G. J.

Journal/Book: J Head Trauma Rehabil. 1999; 14: 7201 Mckinney Circle, Frederick, MD 21704, USA. Aspen Publ Inc. 595-601.

Abstract: Objective: To examine the effects of a compensatory intervention versus a remedial intervention for deficits in visual processing of adults with acquired brain injuries (ABT). Setting: A cognitive rehabilitation program at a large comprehensive rehabilitation hospital in the New York City metropolitan area. Patients: Thirty adults with ABI were matched according to severity of injury, gender, age, and time post-injury, and randomly assigned to the remedial or compensatory group. Interventions: The remedial intervention consisted of four 45-minute sessions (once weekly) of participation in computer tasks without instruction in compensatory strategies. The compensatory intervention consisted of four 45-minute sessions of instruction in the use of three internal compensatory strategies, including verbalization, chunking, and pacing. Main Outcome Measures: Pretest/posttest measures included three functional computer tasks. Weekly measures included a computerized version of the Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task (PASAT) and two computerized matching tasks. Results: Both groups exhibited statistically significant improvement of comparable degree on posttests and weekly measures. Further analysis revealed that 80% of both groups used compensatory strategies, regardless of intervention method. Those who used strategies demonstrated better performance than those who did not. Conclusion: The ability to use internal compensatory strategies may be a significant confound in research examining the effects of the various cognitive rehabilitation intervention methods.

Note: Article Dirette DK, Western Michigan Univ, Occupat Therapy Dept, 1201 Oliver St, Kalamazoo,MI 49008 USA


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