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October 2021

What good predictors of marijuana use are good for - A synthesis of research

Author(s): Lipsey, M. W.

Journal/Book: School Psychol Int. 1999; 20: 6 Bonhill Street, London, England EC2a 4Pu. Sage Publications Ltd. 69-85.

Abstract: Longitudinal research has identified a multitude of variables associated with current and later marijuana use. These findings are relevant to intervention programmers and policy makers in at least two ways. First, variables correlated with marijuana use and, especially, those that are risk factors foreshadowing use may be appropriate targets for intervention which attempts to change them as a means of preventing or reducing marijuana use. Second, these findings identify individual characteristics that can be used for selecting high risk individuals into intervention services. However, the variables that are best for selecting at-risk individuals for service may or may not be the variables that are most strongly associated with marijuana use In a way that makes them attractive targets for intervention. In this study, we conducted a meta-analysis of the correlates of marijuana use based on 3690 effect sizes coded from 86 prospective longitudinal studies. The results summarize available research findings on the strength of the relationships for various categories of predictor variables and the implications of the nature of those relationships for application to the tasks of selecting likely users and targeting intervention on potential mediating variables.

Note: Article Derzon JH, Vanderbilt Univ, Vanderbilt Inst Publ Policy Studies, 1207 18th Ave S, Nashville,TN 37212 USA


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