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December 2021

The effect of sensory impairment on the lifestyle activities of older people

Author(s): Bond, M. J., Sanchez, L.

Journal/Book: Australas J Ageing. 1999; 18: Level 2 3 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia. Council Ageing. 124-129.

Abstract: Objective: To evaluate the relative effects of hearing and vision impairments on the lifestyle activities of alder people. Method: The sample was drawn from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing, and consisted of 1,052 participants aged 70 years and over. Lifestyle activities were assessed using the Adelaide Activities Profile. Hearing and vision impairments were determined on the basis of clinical assessments using pure tone audiometry and a Snellen chart respectively. Self-report measures of the effect of sensory impairment on activities were recorded. Results: Respondents with either a hearing or vision impairment were likely to report that their hearing or vision affected their activities. Indeed, vision impairment was associated with an objective reduction in lifestyle activities in domestic chores and household maintenance. Among males vision impairment was also;associated with reduced social activities. Hearing impairment had no direct effect on lifestyle activities, nor was there any significant joint effect of hearing and vision impairment. Conclusions: Vision impairments are more likely to lead to reductions in activities than hearing impairments, particularly when the activities are physically demanding or optional. However, age may be a more important determinant of reduced activities than sensory impairment.

Note: Article Clark PS, Repatriat Gen Hosp, Rehabil & Ageing Studies Unit, Daws Rd, Daw Pk, SA 5041, AUSTRALIA


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