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Heilpflanzen-Welt - Natürlich natürlich!
December 2021

Spirituality for managers: Context and critique

Journal/Book: J Organ Change Manage. 1999; 12: 60/62 Toller Lane, Bradford Bd8 9by, W Yorkshire, England. Mcb Univ Press Ltd. 186-199.

Abstract: Spirituality, enables a businessperson to gain a more integrated perspective on their firm, family, neighbors, community and self Hence business people and business faculty show a significant increase in interest in spirituality in the workplace. The new interest is measured by the growing number of professional presentations, journal articles boob and conferences devoted to the subject. A consensus is emerging on the principal elements of a spirituality for working people. It includes acknowledging God, fire importance of prayer, other people and a sustainable world Some managers and firms encourage spirituality in the workplace. Many religiously-orientated universities are integrating mission, spirituality and service in their education.

Note: Article Cavanagh GF, Univ Detroit Mercy, Detroit,MI 48221 USA

Keyword(s): belief; learning; management; management styles; religion

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