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October 2021

Emotionality of words as related to vividness of imagery and concreteness

Author(s): Marcos, J. L., Gonzalez, M. A.

Journal/Book: Percept Mot Skills. 1999; 88: PO Box 9229, Missoula, MT 59807, USA. Perceptual Motor Skills. 1135-1140.

Abstract: We investigated the association of the imagery and concreteness of words on their emotionality. Emotionality was evaluated on the basis of skin conductance. A total of 61 subjects (all university students) rated the vividness of imagery and concreteness of the words in a list of 25 word pairs. Each pair was comprised of one abstract word and one concrete word with a related meaning, e.g., ''friendship'' and ''friend,'' thereby controlling meaning. The skin-conductance response of each word was measured subsequently from these same subjects. Our results show thar both imagery and concreteness were significantly related to emotionality.

Note: Article Campos A, Univ Santiago de Compostela, Dipartimento Psicol Bas, Santiago De Compostela 15706, SPAIN


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