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October 2021

A psychobiological developmental model for an ''alonetime'' need in infancy

Author(s): Helbraun, E.

Journal/Book: Bull Menninger Clin. 1999; 63: Box 829, Topeka, KS 66601, USA. Menninger Foundation. 143-158.

Abstract: The authors make the case for a primary ''alonetime'' need in infancy that is both biologically based and psychologically warranted. Disengagement patterns in infancy support an aloneness need existing parallel to one for attachment. Long-held views in the psychological literature on solitude are examined. Further evidence from medical research on fetal development and research on dyadic interaction in infancy suggests proof of the primacy of a positive experience of aloneness in infancy. The important requisite of self-regulation is discussed as well, in light of satisfactory alonetimes. The final argument stresses the equal importance of maternal sensitivity to infants' alonetime needs as well as those for attachment.

Note: Article Buchholz ES, NYU, Dept Appl Psychol, 239 Greene St, East Bldg, 5th Floor, New York,NY 10003 USA


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