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May 2022

Aurally aided visual search in three-dimensional space

Author(s): DAngelo, W. R., McKinley, R. L.

Journal/Book: Hum Factors. 1999; 41: Box 1369, Santa Monica, CA 90406, USA. Human Factors Soc. 664-669.

Abstract: We conducted an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of spatial audio displays on target acquisition performance, Participants performed a visual search task with and without the aid of a spatial audio display. Potential target locations ranged between plus and minus 180 degrees in azimuth and from -70 degrees to +90 degrees in elevation. Independent variables included the number of visual distracters present (1, 5, 10, 25, 50) and the spatial audio condition (no spatial audio, free-field spatial audio, virtual spatial audio). Results indicated that both free-field and virtual audio cues engendered a significant decrease in search times. Potential applications of this research include the design of spatial audio displays for aircraft cockpits and ground combat vehicles.

Note: Article Bolia RS, AFRL, HECP, 2255 H St, Bldg 33, Wright Patterson AFB,OH 45433 USA


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