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October 2021

Grief and the healing arts : creativity as therapy

Journal/Book: Death, value, and meaning series.. 1999; Amityville, N.Y.. Baywood Pub.. x, 427.

Abstract: 97048681 edited by Sandra L. Bertman. Grief and the Healing Arts: Introduction / Sandra L. Bertman -- The Five Stages of Grief / Linda Pastan -- On the Psychology of Loss / William M. Lamers, Jr. -- What the Nurse Likes / Cortney Davis -- Preventing Harm in the Name of Help: Ensuring Ethical Care Through the Concept of "Preserving Own Integrity" / Lynn Cummings -- Becoming the Patient / Cortney Davis -- Music - A Companion for the Journey from Mourning to Morning / Sally S. Bailey -- Night Nurse / Cortney Davis -- Comfort Care / L. J. Schneiderman -- To Know of Suffering and the Teaching of Empathy / Sandra Bertman and Melvin J. Krant -- The Body Flute / Cortney Davis -- Reflections on Suffering / Aaron Lazare -- Hope and Millie / David Hatem -- The Faces of AIDS: An AIDS Quilt / Wilma Bulkin Siegel -- Seeing Fred on a Respirator / Carol Picard -- Using Art Therapy with Pediatric Oncology Patients / Linda G. Nicholas and Suzanne Lister -- Art Techniques for Children with Cancer / Barbara M. Sourkes -- Puppets: Bridging the Communication Gap Between Caregivers and Children About Death and Dying / Brenda Eng -- Transformations: Visual Arts and Hospice Care / C. Regina Kelley -- Sound and Silence: Music Therapy in Palliative Care / Kevin Kirkland -- Songlines / Carol Picard -- Movies as Movement: Films as Catharsis in Grief Therapy / Lynne Martins -- Forum Theatre: A Wake for Dying / Keate Wilkinson and Judith McDowell -- Crisis in the Cafeteria / Maria Trozzi -- The Life and Death of Yusuf Hawkins / Christina Schlesinger -- Gravestone Rubbing: Epitaph / Roberta Halporn -- Remembrance Photographs: A Caregiver's Gift for Families of Infants Who Die / Mindy L. K. Gough -- Culture, Creativity and Death / J. Havelka -- Visible Words: Ritual in the Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying / Kurt Stasiak -- The Role of the Visual Image in Psychodynamics of Grief Resolution (Viewed Through Jewish Law and Tradition) / Hannah Sherebrin -- Pathological Grief - A Problem in Search of a Definition: The Tragedy of Hamlet as a Model / Roberta Halporn -- Keeping Emotional Time: Music and the Grief Process / Lesleigh Forsyth -- A Study in Grief: The Life and Art of Kaethe Kollwitz / Louis A. Gamino -- Death and Grief Made Visible: The Life and Work of Edvard Munch / Judith M. Stillion -- Against Daily Insignificance: Writing Through Grief / Martha K. Davis -- Sculpting Through Grief / Nancy Fried -- AIDS Time: A Passage Through Cawthra Park / James Miller -- Social Support "Internetworks," Caskets for Sale, and More: Thanatology and the Information Superhighway / Carla J. Sofka -- Healing and the Internet / Thomas R. Golden -- Therapeutic Touch: For Those Who Accompany the Dying / Mary J. Simpson -- The Nurse and the Art Are One (Meditation on the Vietnam Women's Memorial, 1994) / Carol Picard -- Hello, David / Anonymous -- My Mother's Hands / Elaine Freed Lindenblatt -- The Sourdough Father / Lesleigh Forsyth -- The M(ortality) Word and the L(ove) Word / Elsa Dorfman -- Dear Edith / Jessie Kesson -- Silent Conversations / Leigh Westerfield. Includes bibliographical references and index. Death, value, and meaning series.

Keyword(s): Grief.. Counseling.. Arts Therapeutic use.. Death Psychological aspects.

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