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October 2021

The influence of locus of control and aggressiveness of rock music videos on aggression: A reanalysis and methodological critique of Wann and Wilson (1996)

Journal/Book: J Soc Behav Pers. 1999; 14: PO Box 37, Corte Madera, CA 94976, USA. Select Press. 491-498.

Abstract: The present study reexamines the ANOVA results of a previous study (Wann & Wilson, 1996), and arrives at a different set of conclusions concerning the role of music video violence and locus of control on aggressiveness. Contrary to the previous report, there is evidence of a significant main effect of locus of control on aggressiveness. Although the analyses of the main effect of music video and the interaction were nonsignificant, effect size data suggest that such effects would have been significant had the original study been larger (N = 28). Given the paucity of research examining the effects of music video violence on aggression, the reanalysis of the Wann and Wilson (1996) data suggests that carefully controlled experimental research in this area would be fruitful.

Note: Article Benjamin AJ, Univ Missouri, Dept Psychol, 210 McAlester Hall, Columbia,MO 65211 USA


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