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October 2021

Individual differences in emotional creativity: Structure and correlates

Journal/Book: J Personality. 1999; 67: 350 Main Street, Ste 6, Malden, MA 02148, USA. Blackwell Publishers. 331-371.

Abstract: The structure and correlates of emotional creativity were explored in a series of six studies, using a specially constructed measure of individual differences-the Emotional Creativity Inventory (ECI). Analyses of the ECI suggest that three facets of emotional creativity can be distinguished empirically as well as theoretically, namely, preparedness (understanding and learning from one's own and others' emotions), novelty (the ability to experience unusual emotions), and effectiveness/authenticity (the skill to express emotions adroitly and honestly). Women score higher than men on emotional preparedness and effectiveness/authenticity, but not on the novelty of their responses. People who score high on the ECI are considered by their peers to be more emotionally creative, presumably on the basis of everyday behavior. Associations between emotional creativity as measured by the ECI and a variety of other personality variables (including the Big Five personality traits, mysticism, self-esteem, authoritarianism, locus of control, alexithymia, and ways of coping) are examined, as is the relation between emotional creativity and prior traumatic experiences.

Note: Article Averill JR, Univ Massachusetts, Dept Psychol, Tobin Hall, Amherst,MA 01003 USA


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