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October 2021

A comparison of monotic and dichotic complex-tone pitch perception in listeners with hearing loss

Author(s): Burns, E. M.

Journal/Book: J Acoust Soc Am. 1999; 106: 993-7.

Abstract: The perception of fundamental pitch for two-harmonic complex tones was examined in musically experienced listeners with cochlear-based high- frequency hearing loss. Performance in a musical interval identification task was measured as a function of the average rank of the lowest harmonic for both monotic and dichotic presentation of the harmonics at 14 dB Sensation Level. Listeners with hearing loss demonstrated excellent musical interval identification at low fundamental frequencies and low harmonic numbers, but abnormally poor identification at higher fundamental frequencies and higher average ranks. The upper frequency limit of performance in the listeners with hearing loss was similar in both monotic and dichotic conditions. These results suggest that something other than frequency resolution per se limits complex-tone pitch perception in listeners with hearing loss.

Keyword(s): Aged. Comparative Study. Dichotic Listening Tests/methods. Hearing Loss, Sensorineural/diagnosis. Human. Male. Middle Age. Music. Pitch Perception/physiology. Support, Non-U.S. Gov't

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