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October 2021

Pallladium und der wert der lokalisierten Empfindungen

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie. 1999; 43/2: 53- 60.

Abstract: In Kent´s hierarchy of symptoms, the changes of spirit and state of mind are in first place, followed by the general symptoms, i.e. feelings and modalities, which concern the whole person. It is in last place, that the local symptoms should be taken into consideration. It is an erroneous impression, that the characteristic local symptoms are of mior importance to Kent. Kent meant tomething different by locas symptoms ("particulars"). For him, the "particulars" were not localized feelings, which contain obvious sighns for the patient, but rather objective symptoms of a disease, the location and the organopathological changes. With a case of palladium we demostrte, that localized feelings can be important key symptoms.

Keyword(s): lokalisierte Empfindungen, Allgebeinsymptome, organopathologische Veränderungen, Rangordnung der Symptome

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