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October 2021

Beeinträchtigung des Informationstransfers durch endogene oder exogene Störfelder

Abstract: Numerous chronic diseases can only be partially influenced by intensive intervention of traditional medicine; only in a few cases it can be called a healing. The use of proven methods of complementary medicine, in this concrete case the use of biophysical information therapy (= BIT) can lead to a recovery or healing by an improvement of the information transfer in the human organism. Endogenous and exogenous noise fields often are, as permanent stress factors, a cause for the disturbance of the information transfer. Such noise fields can not be recognized with the methods of traditional medicine and often are healing obstacles.As information is a measured message and messages are transferred with the help of signals or symbols, which have to be recognized and understood by the recipient, it is important, to find and to transfer signals which can be recognized by the organism (frequency mixtures) in order to be able to get a disturbed information transfer going again. BIT fulfills these preconditions in an ideal way by using the body's own signals, which are converted with the help of a therapeutic device into therapeutic signals, and by improving the information transfer with a direct influence on the organs. In this case the methods of acute noise field therapy, chronic noise field therapy, stress projection orientated noise field therapy and constitutional stress relief therapy are used.

Keyword(s): lnformationstransfer

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