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December 2021

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Schmerztherapie mit Akupunkturin der nervenärztlichen Praxis - eine Katamnesestudie

Abstract: More and more patients who suffer of pain syndromes express the wish to be treated with acupuncture. This confronts the physician with the necessity to develop criteria for quality assurance. Present efficiency studies (meta studies) could not present suffient results which would prove the application of this method. The following target criteria have been selected: (1) acupuncture as means to improve pain and (2) acupuncture as means to improve health. In the following catamnestic study (3 to 14 months follow-up survey) which was realised with a small pre-selected sample (45 patients - 35 female, average age 57 years; on average 1 0 years) regarding the following pain syndromes: migraine, tension headaches, cervical syndromes, fibromyalgia, psychogenic headache, acupuncture efficiency and health improvement have been indicated by the half to two thirds of the patients. 4 patients (9 %) had transient harmless side effects. lmproved study designs will be required to work out more meaningful results.

Keyword(s): Schmerztherapie

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