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October 2021

Leitlinien zur Krebsbehandlung

Journal/Book: Zeitschrift für Klassische Homöopathie. 1999; 43/6: 219- 243.

Abstract: The special features of carcinosis have lead to the fact, that many homoeopathic physitians modified their methods of treatment of case of cancer during the course of their medical practice. With the homoeopathic literure of the 19th and 20th century the different methods of the choice of drugs and dosiology in the case of cancer are discussed. The differnt approaches for treatment and their common tendencies are worked out. This includes the relatively freaquent administration of drugs, the good experience with high-potencies and Q-potencies as well as the administration of nosodes. The essential parameter of the course are shown and important aspects of the assessment of the course and the prescription of consecutive remedies are explained. We consider the use of intermediate remedies, adjuvant drugs and drainage remedies. Finally the healing obstacles, the importance of nutrition and of psychological care of the patient are made clear.

Keyword(s): Homöopathische Krebsbehandlung, Arzneiwahl, Dosologie, Verlaufsparameter, Folgemittel, Zwischenmittel, Drainagemittel, Ernährung, Heilungshindernisse, psychologische Betreuung

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