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October 2021

Darmerkrankungen - Prävention mit Ballaststoffen und Vitaminen

Abstract: The natural intestinal flora takes on the indispensable metabolic functions and enzyme activities for the host organism. Intestinal dysbacterias, as they are e.g. favored by antibiotics, stress and environmental pollutants, can impair the intestine associated immune system, and result in a miscolonization of the intestine. Disturbances of the digestive system, especially the chronic constipation are regarded as widespread phenomena of civilization and are often treated symptomatically, i.e. by self-medication. In these cases, the persons affected not only evade a therapeutical clarification but also burden their organisms often with the side effects of standard laxatives. In 1995 a total of 200 Billion German marks (!) were spent for laxatives in Germany. Such medications intensify, when they are used chronically, the existing constipation, support a deficiency of mineral substances (especially potassium deficiency) and of trace elements with respective consequences and damage the intestinal mucosa.Today, the value of roughage for the preservation of health of the intestine is undisputed. In connection with a prevention, vitamins, especially antioxidants, are mentioned repeatedly. They inactivate harmful species of radicals, have a protective influence on cells in the intestine by a direct detoxification of exogenous noxae and activate the immune system, which is impaired by environmental pollutants and foreign organisms (e.g. fungi).

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