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October 2021

Situation pflanzlicher Arzneimittel in Deutschland und in EuropaTeil 2

Author(s): Kemper, F., Steinhoff, B.

Abstract: The Present State of Herbal Medicinal Products in Germany and EuropeThe progressive effort of the health insurance industry to reduce its costs - O factor that is also highlighted in the respective social insurance beneficiary cataloque - and the development of proceedings of official licensing and license renewal for herbal medicinal products (HMP), present problems which, due to their art and obove all extent, ere in most cases only understandable to insiders but need to be solved jointly. »jointly«implies; all HMP users have to be conscious of the urgency of seeking solutions to the current problems. All HMP users include,- clinical doctors, especially medical practioners as well as dispensing chemists and obove all the patients, who should be seen in a broader sense as consumers endeavouring to preserve healthy lives. This article does not purport to offer complete answers or even put up guidelines for solving the en tire problem. Rather, it seeks to high-light some selected current problems and indicate their possible solutions.

Keyword(s): Herbal medicinal products

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