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December 2021

Behandlung des chronischen Asthma bronchiale mit einem homöopathischen Komplexmittel

Author(s): Wasniewski, J., Sterna-Bazanska, A., Hülsberg, M.

Abstract: The study (prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind) was carried out on 84 patients (53 women and 31 men) aged 36-70 years (mean age 46 years) with chronic bronchial Asthma. The control group comprised 20 healthy people aged 29-50 (mean 39). The patients were treated with triamcinolone in a mean daily dose 4,73 mg for at last 5 years, 61 patients besides corticosteroids, methylxanthines, expectorants were given Asthma H Inj. by the double-blind method, 1 ampoule subcutaneously at intervals of 5-7 days for 9 months. The remaining 23 patients received placebo. The diagnosis chronic bronchial Asthma was based on history data, the result of physical and spirometric examinations and long-standing treatment with corticosterolds.Before and after treatment, in all the cases the following investigations were done: spirometric parameters, 1gE, lgA, 1gM and lgG levels, ECP levels, production of superoxide radicals, NBT reduction, and calculation was performed of the number of eosinophils in the skin and in the blood. Our study demonstrated that the patients treated with the verum preparation for a long time reduce the doses of steroids. The serum ECP level and NBT reduction were decreased. In the group receiving Asthma H Inj. 1gE, 1gG level and eosinophilsÂ’ number in serum and skin fell down significantly. In the patients treated with the verum preparation, the general clinical condition improved and the frequency of recurrent infections decreased significantly.

Keyword(s): Bronchialasthma

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