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October 2021

Integration der gezielten Immunstimulation mit Thymus- und Organextrakten*in das Stufenkonzept der Biologischen Krebstherapie

Author(s): Reuter, U.

Abstract: The use of immunostimulatory and modulating therapeutic agents has become one of the fundamental pillars of a holistic and biological concept in both the postoperative care and the primary therapy of oncological patients. By means of a study of use in 34 patients with established cellular deficiency and mostly advanced stage tumours, the very good tolerance and positive influence on the quality of life was observed when using Organomed organ extracts of thymus, spleen and mesenchyma. The main significance of a scientifically controlled use of organ extracts is stressed on the basis of the results of the lymphocyte proliferation test. This paper recommends immunotherapy with organic preparations as an important basis of a bio-oncological concept which aims at improving both the prognosis and the quality of life of the patient.

Keyword(s): Biologische Krebstherapie

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