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December 2021

Selbstheilungskräfte -allgemeine Thesen und praktische Umsetzung am Beispiel der integrativen Arbeit mit Krebskranken

Abstract: The relationship between the psychic situation and the course of the disease is known for many diseases. The idea, to activate the autotherapeutic forces of the patient by specific measures, as it already exists in the shamanistic medicine of primitive tribes, has - as a result of the neuroimmunological research of Felten, Ader and Pert and others - also found it's way into the clinical practice of modern Western medicine. The impulse, to deal with these ideas, is very often the result of questioning the persons affected or of relatives of people suffering from cancer. Despite the convincing results of the studies of Simonton and a secondary study, which has been published in the meantime, as well as other studies in other diagnostic areas, the activation of autotherapeutic forces is neither widely known nor has it become therapeutic routine. This is the result of paradigmatic problems concerning the classification and the understanding of the processes, which contradict the working hypotheses, we as physicians learn during our education. Even the practice of this work is still hardly known. With the help of an example of psychotherapeutic work with people suffering from cancer, the present practice of an integrative, comprehensive care with the means of modern psychotherapy is presented in a detailed and practical way.

Keyword(s): Simonton-Arbeit

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