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October 2021

Effect of Andrographis paniculata extract on progesterone in blood plasma of pregnant rats

Author(s): Kochikian, A., Gabrielian, E., Muradian, R., Stepanian, H., Arsenian, F., Wagner, H.

Abstract: The effect of the powdered extract of Andrographis paniculata leaves (APE), an active principle of Kan Jang tablets [standardized for content of andrographolide (4.6%) and 14-deoxo-andrographolide (2.3%) content (total andrographolids - 6.9%)] on blood progesterone content in rats was studied. Peroral administration of APE during the first 19 days of pregnancy in doses of 200, 600, and 2000 mg/kg (i.e. doses 30, 90, and 300 fold higher than its dally therapeutic dose in humans) does not exhibit any effect on the elevated level of progesterone in the blood plasma of rats. Let us assume then that in therapeutic dose, Andrographis paniculata extract cannot induce progesterone-mediated termination of pregnancy.

Keyword(s): Andrographis paniculata

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