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November 2021

Biological screening of traditional preparations from some medicinal plants used as antidiarrhoeal in Kinshasa, Congo

Author(s): Kambu, K., Mesia, K., Cimanga, K., Apers, S., De, B. , T, Pieters, L., Totté, J., Vlietinck, A.

Abstract: Forty six aqueous extracts from 38 medicinal plant species belonging to different families were selected on the basis of their traditional medicinal use as antidiarrhoeic agents. They were submitted in a broad biological screening including antibacterial, antiamoebic and antispasmodic activities. The results of the testing have indicated that 37 extracts (80.43%), 33 (71.74%) and 32 (69.54%) exhibited some level of antibacterial, antiamoebic and antispasmodic activity respectively. Only 8 plant extracts (17.39%) would act as antidiarrhoeic agents by a triple pronounced antibacterial, antiamoebic and antispasmodic action. They include aqueous extracts from Euphorbia hirta whole plant, leaves of Psidium guajava and Tithonia diversifolia, root bark of Alchornea cordifolia, Heinsia pulchella, Paropsia brazzeana, Rauwolfia obscura and Voacanga africana.

Keyword(s): Aqueous traditional plant preparations

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