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October 2021

The interaction of Rubia cordifolia with iron redox status: a mechanistic aspect in free radical reactions

Author(s): Sharma, M.

Abstract: The present publication investigates the antioxidant property and mechanistic aspect of alcoholic extract of R. cordifolia. The extract of R. cordifolia has shown significant inhibitory effect on FeS04 induced lipid peroxidation. Study with iron redox status showed that R. cordifolia extract reduced or oxidixed; FC3+ or Fe2+ respectively, in a dose dependent manner. Results with superoxide anion (02) and hydroxyl radical (OH), showed no radical scavenging activity. The alcoholic extract significantly maintains the reduced glutathione content both in time and dose dependent manner. It also reduced the rate of depletion of reduced glutathione (GSH) level in presence of ferrous sulphate (FeS04) and cumene hydroperoxide (CHP). On the basis of these observations, it can be concluded that the antioxidant property of R. cordifolia is due to a direct interaction with iron.

Keyword(s): Lipid peroxidation

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