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October 2021

Neuraltherapie in der Frauenheilkunde

Abstract: Many symptoms in the field of gynecology are the result of functional, vegetative disorders of the system. With simple means - injection of local anaesthetics into the defective areas of the organism - neural therapy according to Huneke is able to influence, in a far-reaching way, the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, and is able to produce lasting successful treatment with almost no side effects. On the other hand, disorders in the field of gynecology (stoerfield) play an important role in many chronic illnesses in general medicine. These disorders also respond to treatment using neural therapy. In this paper, the scientific basis of the method, the general principles of treatment using neural therapy, the specific procedures for gynecology, typical indications and the limits of the method will be examined in detail, so that the reader might be encouraged to use these methods in his or her own practice. lf the indications are correct and the method is employed with absolute technical accuracy, the success rate lies at around 80 %.

Keyword(s): Chronische Erkrankungen in der Gynäkologie

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