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November 2021

Reizdarmsyndrom (Colon irritabile) - keine psychosomatische Erkrankung, sondern eine Mukositis

Abstract: The irritable colon syndrome is regarded as a pychosomatosis, because until recently, no anatomic substrate could be made responsible causing the discomforts. In addition to an increase of inflammatory cells, it is possible now, to prove a multiplication of interleukins in the tissue of the intestinal wall with the help of scintigraphic methods, e.g. the proinflammatory interleukinI, the immunoregulatory interleukin II and the IFN-y, which all are an indication for an inflammation of the intestinal wall. In this way, an inflammation is determined, which can not be made visible in the hematoxylin preparation and therefore is called microinflammation. The cause of this inflammation, which starts in the mucosa, probably is multicausal: result of dietary factors, intestinal inflammations and intoxications. The only causal therapy which is known, and which we have used for more than 25 years, is a diet poor in roughage which is limited in time as well as the administration of non-toxic laxatives, until all symptoms are healed.

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