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December 2021

Protective effect of swerchirin on hematopoiesis in 60C0-irradiated mice

Author(s): Nian, L., Li, C., Gen, X.

Abstract: The protective effect of swerchirin, a purified xanthone isolated from whole herb of Swertia calycina Franch. on hematopoiesis was investigated. A significant increase of colony formation in the spleen (colony forming unit in spleen = CFU-S) of mice irradiated with 550 rad 60Co y-rays and an enhancement of proliferative response of BMC to rmGM-CSF treated with swerchirin [10mg/kg, 3 time/wk, i.p.] was observed. After introduction of swerchirin [10mg/kg, i.p. once] a significant increase in the number of peripheral blood leukocytes and a rise in the serum of colony stimulating factor (CSF) were also confirmed. The types of CSF in serum were M-CSF and other hematopoietic growth factors, which were confirmed using McAb of IL-3, GM-CSF and PcAb of M-CSF. These beneficial effects of swerchirin on hematopoiesis may be related to its activity inducing CSFs and other hematopoietic growth factors, and warrant further evaluation of its usefulness.

Keyword(s): xanthone

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