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October 2021

Inhibitory effect of resveratrol on interleukin 6 release by stimulated peritoneal macrophages of mice

Author(s): Cheng, G., Wang, W., Guo, Y., Zhu, X., Zhang, J.

Abstract: In the present investigation, interleukin 6 (IL-6) activity in the supernatant of cultured mouse peritoneal macrophages was monitored using a sensitive bioassay involving the IL-6-dependent murine hybridoma B9 cell line. The effects of resveratrol on I1-6 release by mouse peritoneal macrophages stimulated with calcium ionophore A23187 and FMLP were explored. Resveratrol, at a concentration range from 5 X 10-6 to 4 x 10-5 mol . l-1 was found to dose-dependently inhibit IL-6 release by cultured macrophages induced by A23187 and fMLP, and showed no direct cytotoxic effect, but induced proliferation of cultured mouse thymus cells. Resveratrol, at a concentration range from 10-8 to 10-5 mol . 1-1, was shown to dosedependently inhibit calcium ion influx into the cells with the stimulation of fMLP (10-6 mol . 1-1). These results suggest that the blocking of calcium ion influx into cells by resveratrol is one of the possible mechanisms of the IL-6 biosynthesis inhibitory action of resveratrol.

Keyword(s): Resveratrol

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