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October 2021

Bol Asoc Med P R. 1998 Apr-Jun; 90(4-6): 58-68.

[Indicators of anxiety and depression in subjects with different kinds of diet: vegetarians and omnivores]

Rodríguez Jiménez J, Rodríguez JR, Gonzaléz MJ.

Centro Caribeño de Estudios Postgraduados (CCEP), UPR.

The following study, one of the first done in Puerto Rico, investigate the different kinds of diet and the level of anxiety and depression that the subjects present. The sample consists of 80 subjects between 25 and 70 years age divided into two main groups (vegetarian versus no vegetarian) depending their diet consumption. The basic findings in the three psychological tests given (IDARE-1, IDARE-2 and CES-D) to the subjects demonstrate significant differences in anxiety and depression between groups. More anxiety and depression where reported in the no vegetarian groups in comparison with the vegetarian groups. In addition, diet analysis found more nutritional antioxidant agents levels in the vegetarian group in comparison with the no-vegetarian group.

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