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October 2021

Rev Neurol. 1998 Nov; 27(159): 862-6.

[Concept and historical evolution of epilepsy in pre-Colombian and Viceregency Peru]

Cruz-Campos G.

Servicio de Neurología, Hospital Militar Vázquez Bernabeu, Valencia, España.

INTRODUCTION: We review and discuss beliefs regarding epilepsy, known in the Quechua language as sonko-nanay (disease of the heart). An overall view given by the indigenous people allows an outline to be drawn of tradition in Peru. DEVELOPMENT: This includes Quechua mythological beliefs, with understandable names and/or analogy with the different types of crises according to modern diagnostic classification, methods of treatment under the three different systems of government as well as real and fictitious surgery by trepanation of the skull. CONCLUSION: During the period of the Viceroys (based on Spanish medical knowledge) the different meanings are considered together with the confusion with tetanus and hysteria, and the outlines of treatment used.

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