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October 2021

Int J Neurosci. 1998 Jul; 95(1-2): 51-61.

Dynamic electromyographic response following acupuncture: possible influence on synergistic coordination.

Tanaka TH, Leisman G, Nishijo K.

The Pacific Wellness Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Thirty healthy subject's left and right lumber paraspinal (LP) EMG activity was recorded during a trunk flexion-return movement and the maximum integrated EMG amplitude (absolute EMG) during this movement in each side was compared. Twenty subjects showed less than 20% difference between the left and right side (symmetrical subjects-SS) and 10 subjects showed more than a 20% difference (asymmetrical subjects AS). As were administered acupuncture stimulation on LP muscles. Significant reduction in lumbar EMG asymmetry was observed after acupuncture stimulation (exact p=.049). No specific pattern of response in absolute EMG values was observed in the stimulate side. On the nonstimulated side, there was a significant reduction in absolute EMG values when the baseline value for that side was high (p=.037) and a significant increase when it was low (p=.0185). The results suggest that acupuncture may be beneficial for decreasing functional muscular distortion and improving synergistic coordination.

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