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October 2021

J Oral Sci. 1998 Sep; 40(3): 115-7.

The inhibitory effect of funoran and eucalyptus extract-containing chewing gum on plaque formation.

Sato S, Yoshinuma N, Ito K, Tokumoto T, Takiguchi T, Suzuki Y, Murai S.

Department of Periodontology, Nihon University School of Dentistry, Tokyo, Japan.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the inhibitory effect of funoran containing chewing gum (FG) and eucalyptus extract- containing chewing gum (EG) on plaque formation. Fifteen dentists or dental students were assigned a random order of use of either FG, EG or a control gum. All subjects received professional tooth cleanings before the experiment. During the four-day test periods, no oral hygiene measures were allowed other than chewing three pieces of gum for approximately 10 min daily. Chewing gum was used following each morning, noon and evening meal. Plaque formation was evaluated by the Quigley and Hein index. The FG (1.83 +/- 1.1) and EG (1.97 +/- 1.1) significantly reduced plaque compared to the control gum (2.57 +/- 1.2). Our results suggest that FG and EG may be useful in inhibiting dental plaque formation.

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