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October 2021

Int J Immunopharmacol. 1998 Apr-May; 20(4-5): 163-72.

Prophylactic effect of Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) extract on tumor metastasis is mediated by enhancement of NK cell activity.

Yoon TJ, Yoo YC, Kang TB, Baek YJ, Huh CS, Song SK, Lee KH, Azuma I, Kim JB.

Animal Resources Research Center, College of Animal Husbandry, Kon-Kuk University, Seoul, Korea.

We here demonstrated the prophylactic effect of an extract (KM-110) from Viscum album coloratum, a Korean mistletoe, on tumor metastasis produced by highly metastatic tumor cells, colon 26-M3.1 carcinoma, B16-BL6 melanoma and L5178Y-ML25 lymphoma cells, using experimental models in mice. Intravenous (i.v.) administration of KM-110 (100 microg/mouse) 2 days before tumor inoculation significantly inhibited lung metastasis of B16-BL6 and colon 26-M3.1 cells, and liver and spleen metastasis of L5178Y-ML25 cells. The prophylactic effect of KM-110 on tumor metastasis was evident with various administration routes, i.e. subcutaneous, oral, intranasal as well as i.v., and was dependent upon the dose of KM-110 administered. Furthermore, mice given KM-110 (100 microg) 2 days before tumor inoculation showed significantly prolonged survival rates compared with the untreated mice. In a time course analysis of NK activity, i.v. administration of KM-110 (100 microg) significantly augmented NK cytotoxicity to Yac-a tumor cells from 1 to 3 days after KM-110 treatment. Furthermore, depletion NK cells by injection of rabbit anti-asialo GM1 serum completely abolished the inhibitory effect of KM-110 on lung metastasis of colon 26-M3.1 cells. These results suggest that KM-110 possesses immunopotentiating activity which enhances the host defense system against tumors, and that its prophylactic effect on tumor metastasis is mediated by NK cell activation.

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