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October 2021

Klin Med (Mosk). 1998 ; 76(6): 27-30.

[Effects of drug therapy on serum lipids and plasma hemostasis in aged patients with ischemic heart disease on different diets]

Medkova IL, Ivanov AN, Mosiakina LI.

The effects of antianginal and hypolipidemic therapy on biochemical status and plasmatic hemostasis were studied in 57 aged patients with ischemic disease. The study group (n = 19) got the vegetarian diet (VA-IIIG) enriched with soya-based products. The control 38 patients were on conventional mixed diet including meat, fish and poultry (A-1). It is shown that the vegetarian diet promotes normalization of lipid serum spectrum and plasmatic hemostasis. Inclusion of atherogenic vegetarian diet in the treatment of aged patients considerably improves the effect of antianginal and hypolipidemic therapy.

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