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October 2021

J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol. 1998 May-Jun; 8(3): 155-60.

Efficacy and safety of oral immunotherapy in respiratory allergy to Parietaria judaica pollen. A double-blind study.

Ariano R, Panzani RC, Augeri G.

Allergology Department, Bordighera Hospital, Italy.

Two groups of 15 patients with respiratory allergy due to the pollen of Parietaria judaica were studied; one received a treatment of oral specific hyposensitization, the other one a placebo. All of them were monosensitized and clinically matched according to age, gender, score symptoms, drug consumption, skin test and RAST, and nasal or bronchial provocation test. The pollen counts were the same during this period. The study was double-blind and lasted 2 years. The clinical tests including score symptoms, drug consumption, and nasal or bronchial provocation test, revealed a statistically significant improvement in the treated group as compared to the placebo group. No side effects were observed.

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