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October 2021

J Ethnopharmacol. 1998 Jun; 61(2): 143-52.

Anticonvulsant effects of Magnolia grandiflora L. in the rat.

Bastidas Ramírez BE, Navarro Ruíz N, Quezada Arellano JD, Ruíz Madrigal B, Villanueva Michel MT, Garzón P.

Departamento de Fisiología, Centro Universitario en Ciencias de la Salud, Universidad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

The ethyl ether (EE) and hydroalcoholic extract (HE) of Magnolia grandiflora L. (Magnoliaceae) seeds, a popular plant utilized in the Mexican traditional medicine because of its antispasmodic as well as other reported pharmacological effects, were studied in adult male Wistar rats. EE and HE orally administered in a single dose of 250 mg/kg (calculated on lipidic base) and 200 mg/kg, exhibited abolition of the extensor reflex of maximal electric induced-seizure test in 50 and 40% of the experimental animals, respectively. They significantly prolonged the sleeping time induced by pentobarbital and only the ethanol extract induced hypothermia. No neurological deficit was exhibited by either extract according to the gait, stance and righting test. Although ulterior toxicological and pharmacological insight is necessary, these results suggest that the chemical constituents of this plant could have utility in the control of epileptic patients presenting convulsive seizures.

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