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October 2021

Eur J Oral Sci. 1998 Jun; 106(3): 770-7.

A multicenter survey of amalgam fillings and subjective complaints in non-selected patients in the dental practice.

Melchart D, Wühr E, Weidenhammer W, Kremers L.

Münchener Modell, Centre for Complementary Medicine Research, II. Medical Clinic, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany.

The aims of this study were to examine whether there is a difference in symptoms between patients with amalgam fillings and patients without such restorations, to investigate the relationship between particular symptoms and the number of amalgam filled surfaces, and the differences in symptoms between patients with and without removal of amalgam fillings. Data from 6744 consecutive patients in 34 dental offices located throughout Germany were documented. Patients completed a questionnaire answering 48 items, and the current oral findings in the patients were registered. The analysis was restricted to 4,787 patients aged 21 to 60 yr because of special dental conditions in children and elderly persons. The study did not show any significant correlation between the intensity of complaints or particular groups of symptoms and the number of amalgam-filled surfaces. A higher number of symptoms as well as a higher intensity of symptoms were found in patients before amalgam removal compared to the remaining patients. The question remains open whether or not there may be a certain kind of relationship between the complaints and amalgam fillings in individual patients.

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