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October 2021

J Urol. 1998 Feb; 159(2): 433-6.

Yohimbine for erectile dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials.

Ernst E, Pittler MH.

Department of Complementary Medicine, Postgraduate Medical School, University of Exeter, United Kingdom.

PURPOSE: Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, particularly in diabetics. It is associated with a considerable burden of suffering. No generally accepted drug treatment exists. We systematically reviewed and meta-analyzed all randomized, placebo controlled trials of yohimbine monotherapy for erectile dysfunction to determine its therapeutic efficacy. Our secondary aim was to evaluate the safety of yohimbine. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We used computerized literature searches and standardized data extraction to rate methodological quality in a meta-analysis using computer statistical software. RESULTS: Seven trials fit the predefined inclusion criteria. Overall methodological quality of these studies was satisfactory. The meta-analysis demonstrated that yohimbine is superior to placebo in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (odds ratio 3.85, 95% confidence interval 6.67 to 2.22). Serious adverse reactions were infrequent and reversible. CONCLUSIONS: The benefit of yohimbine medication for erectile dysfunction seems to outweigh its risks. Therefore, yohimbine is believed to be a reasonable therapeutic option for erectile dysfunction that should be considered as initial pharmacological intervention.

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