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October 2021

Biol Pharm Bull. 1998 May; 21(5): 474-8.

Phylogenetic analysis of Atractylodes plants based on chloroplast trnK sequence.

Mizukami H, Shimizu R, Kohjyouma M, Kohda H, Kawanishi F, Hiraoka N.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City University, Nagoya, Japan.

The phylogenetic relationship of Atractylodes lancea, A. chinensis, A. koreana, A. ovata and A. japonica were analyzed by comparing the 2.6 kb sequence in a chloroplast gene trnK encoding tRNALys (UUU). The dried rhizomes of the former three species have been used as the crude drug "So-jutsu" and those of the latter two as "Byaku-jutsu" in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine ("Kampo-medicine"). The trnK phylogenetic tree revealed that A. ovata is an outgroup of the five Atractylodes species examined and that A. japonica and A. lancea are most closely related. PCR amplification of trnK with HinfI digestion provided us with a simple method to distinguish A. ovata from other Atractylodes species at the molecular level.

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