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October 2021

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1998 ; 23(1): 1-8.

Modulation of orphanin FQ or electroacupuncture (EA) on immune function of traumatic rats.

Du LN, Wu GC, Cao XD.

National Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology, Shanghai Medical University, People's Republic of China.

Orphanin FQ(OFQ) is a recently discovered 17-amino acid neuropeptide[1-2]. In present paper, influence of intracerebroventricular(ICV) administration of OFQ or electroacupuncture(EA) on the surgical trauma-induced inhibition of the splenic natural killer(NK) cell activity in rat was observed. The results showed that administration of 0.1 microgram(0.0055 nmol) and 1 microgram (0.055 nmol) OFQ had no effect on the NK cell activity, while 5 micrograms(2.75 nmol) OFQ reduced the NK cell activity in normal rats. However, 0.1 microgram, 1 microgram or 5 micrograms OFQ were found to antagonise the immune function depression caused by surgical trauma. The NK cell activity was reduced in normal rats after repeated ICV treatment with antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) complementary to bases of translated region of rat OFQ receptor mRNA to block the translation of OFQ receptor mRNA into protein. EA stimulation of Zusanli(St. 36) and Lanwei(Extra. 37) points also obviously improved the immunosuppression produced by trauma. OFQ combined with EA showed antagonism on the suppression, but there was no significant differences compared with OFQ(ICV) or EA alone. When blocking the translation of OFQ receptor mRNA with the ASO, the OFQ induced anti-immunosuppression effect was completely reversed, but EA still improved the inhibition on NK cell activity. The results suggested that the OFQ played a role in the regulation of immunosuppression. EA could modulate the suppression of NK cell activity induced by surgical trauma. The mechanisms of the modulation of OFQ or EA on the immunosuppression induced by surgical trauma need further study.

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