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October 2021

Med Care. 1998 Apr; 36(4): 544-53.

Employer-sponsored health insurance for chiropractic services.

Jensen GA, Roychoudhury C, Cherkin DC.

Institute of Gerontology and Department of Economics, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48202, USA.

The use of chiropractors has increased substantially in recent years, and there is growing scientific evidence on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for common low back ailments. Despite the increased acceptance of chiropractic care, little is known about the prevalence of chiropractic coverage in employer health plans and the nature of such benefits when they are provided. This article reports on the extent and composition of chiropractic insurance among workers with employer-sponsored health insurance in 1993. The prevalence of the benefits in employer plans was examined, as was the extent to which plans are in compliance with state mandated benefits in this area. The authors also examined what the actual benefits consist of and how they compare with those for physician office visits and physical therapy.

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