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October 2021

Pharm Acta Helv. 1998 Feb; 72(6): 359-62.

Petasites hybridus: a tool for interdisciplinary research in phytotherapy.

Debrunner B, Meier B.

Zeller AG, Romanshorn, Switzerland.

The 3rd Petasites gathering took place in Romanshorn, Switzerland on March 29, 1996 and gave 16 European scientists the opportunity to transmit their latest considerable discoveries to interested researchers working in different scientific disciplines such as pharmacognosy, botany, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine or clinical pharmacy. The newest findings on Petasites hybridus as a significant plant drug showed very promising aspects of therapeutic utility. Great progress has been made in chemical analytical methods and the determination of pharmacological activities. Substantial advances have also occurred in the production of bioassay procedures and plant materials, particularly utilizing cell- and tissue-culture techniques.

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