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October 2021

Fortschr Med. 1998 Jan; 116(1-2): 20-6.

[Acupuncture--how effective is it really?]

Ernst E.

Department of Complementary Medicine, Postgraduate Medical School, University of Exeter/UK.

Since acupuncture is now being used more and more in routine healthcare, the question as to its efficacy is certainly justified. The present article is an attempt to provide an answer by tabulating the results of controlled clinical trials relating to pain in general, osteoarthritis, back pain, asthma, giving up smoking, weight reduction, nausea and stroke rehabilitation. Although some studies have shown promising results, the efficacy of acupuncture has not been proven beyond reasonable doubt, except in the case of nausea, for which the evidence is unequivocally positive. It follows that the efficacy of acupuncture requires further clarification by suitable clinical trials.

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