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October 2021

Health Care Women Int. 1998 Jan-Feb; 19(1): 49-60.

Contraception and culture: the use of yuyos in Paraguay.

Bull SS, Melían M.

Denver Public Health, Colorado 80204, USA.

The use of herbs (yuyos) as contraception is common practice in Paraguay. This report analyzes data from the 1995-1996 Paraguayan Reproductive Health Survey. The analysis reveals that women are more familiar with yuyos (88%) than any other method of family planning. Modeling the determinants of ever having relied on yuyos as contraception demonstrates that older women (OR = 1.043) and women with more children (OR = 2.283) are significantly more likely to have used yuyos, but an interaction between older women with more children shows they are less likely to have used this method (OR = .982). Women living in rural areas (OR = .664) and those with more education (OR = .883) are less likely to have used the method. These findings show widespread acceptance and use of yuyos for contraception in Paraguay. More research into the chemical properties of yuyos is needed to determine their contraceptive efficacy and to prevent harmful effects from their misuse.

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