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October 2021

Phytochemistry. 1998 Feb; 47(4): 631-4.

Antibacterial constituents of the Nepalese medicinal herb, Centipeda minima.

Taylor RS, Towers GH.

Department of Botany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Centipeda minima, a herb used medicinally to treat sinus infections in Nepal, was found to contain three antibacterial sesquiterpene lactones, identified as 6-O-methylacrylylplenolin, 6-O-isobutyroylplenolin, and 6-O-angeloylplenolin. 6-O-Methylacrylylplenolin had not been previously isolated from C. minima. All three had activity against Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus, with 6-O-isobutyroylplenolin being the most active.

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