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October 2021

Zhong Yao Cai. 1998 Jan; 21(1): 26-9.

[Effects of hairy root huangqi on hemopoietic function]

Jin R, Chen C, Sun Z, Zhang X, Xie H, Li Y, Liu D, Hu Z.

Shanghai University of TCM, Shanghai 200032.

The effects of hairy root Huangqi on hemopoietic system were studied in this paper. The oral administration of 5-20 g/kg hairy root Huangqi per day for 5-12 days could increase the count of RBC and reticulocytes in mice with hemorrhagic anemia, raise the hemoglobin, RBC and hematocrit in mice with hemolytic anemia, enhance the number of WBC and nucleared cells in bone marrow of mice treated with cyclophosphamidum or x-rays. The experiments showed that hairy root Huangqi promoted the hemopoietic function. The effects were similer to those of natural Huangqi.

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