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October 2021

Zhong Yao Cai. 1998 May; 21(5): 245-8.

[Experimental study on the effect of abstinence with herbal preparation qingjunyin]

Lu H, Lan S, Wang G, Zhan C, Shi C.

Hospital No. 177 of PLA, Guangzhou 510317.

The effect of herbal preparation Qingjunyin (QJY) on the animal model of drug dependence was studied. After the morphinistic models of white rats and mice were made by ever increasing doses of morphine each time, the animals were divided into large dosage QJY group, small dosage QJY group, sustained morphine group and control group. The withdrawal symptoms were observed after naloxone was given to the animals intraperitoneally. The results showed that QJY groups withdrawal symptoms of the addicted white rats were alleviated, the number of jumps of the addicted mice was reduced, the scores of the principal symptoms of the animals were decreased, while the body weights of the animals were gained, comparing with the control group, the difference was significant (P < 0.01). The effects of QJY enhanced in the large dosage group, which suggests QJY has abstinence effects.

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